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► Winter Hours for Sunday evenings at FBC: Evening Worship at 5:00 PM and Choir Rehearsal @ 6:00 PM 

 ►Annual Deacon Chili Cook-off is scheduled for Sunday, January 26

 ► Senior Adult Valentine Banquet - Sunday, Feb.l 9th - sign up at FBC

Becca's Closet is located at First Baptist Church. First Baptist has over a thousand dress available at no cost to high school girls with financial need. Becca's Closet is named after Becca Kirtman, a 16 yr. old cheerleader and honor student from Florida who died in a tragic car accident on August 20, 2003. As a freshman in high school she led a drive to provide prom dresses for girls who could not afford a dress. Becca's Closet was established by her family to keep her memory alive. The FBC chapter will open for appointments on Saturday, Feb.1. Appointment are made by texting